Feb 29, 2016

Goals in Review

A long time ago I decided to make a list of 99 goals. At the time I was newly married, had a six month old and was a SAHM. My life has changed quite a bit since then.  I now have two beautiful children with another on the way.  They keep me busy.  And while it may not seem like I am accomplishing a lot, I feel like I am making a difference.  Some of these goals were fun, others unattainable, and the rest were a challenge.  I didn't get all 99, but honestly this was more about my progress as an individual. I always have a list of goals going, but I think 99 might be a bit much.

Here is my account of what I did and didn't accomplish:

The Big Idea: Set 99 goals to accomplish in the next 999 days. Each time you accomplish a goal you set aside a dollar for the charity of your choice. 
June 1, 2013 - February 25, 2016

I finished this goal 45/99
I attempted this goal and did not finish 21/99

1.     Learn to French braid (I bought a straightner and am learning to use it. Does that count?)
2.    Learn to design a website
3.    Learn stick shift
4.    Play 5 children's songs on the piano (0/5) (We don't own a piano and probably won't for a while. But I'm ok with that.)
5.    Be CPR certified
6.    Identify 10 types of plant life (5/10) Poison oak, tomato, ivy, dandelion, and magnolia. 
7.    Attend one Japanese Class 
8.     Finish intermediate typing course
9.    Memorize the Articles of Faith (2/12)
10.  Learn how to shoot
11.   Take an archery course (PE 20AX)
12.  Learn to bake bread (I'm still practicing. I made an Italian cheese bread that was pretty good.) 10/2013
13.  Identify 10 constellations (2/10)
14.  Make 3 great pies (2/3)
15.  Cook a moist chicken (Why cook one when Costco sells them for $5?)
16.  Practice the art of meditation 11/14
17.  Begin basic scuba certification (Turns out I have panic attacks every time I attempt this goal. Maybe it is not meant to be.)
18.  Purchase a gun (My kids get into everything. Nothing is safe. I decided this was something I shouldn't do.)
19.  Purchase a running stroller  (double stroller)
20.  Purchase and use space bags
21.  Purchase nice make-up and learn how to use it (I have the brushes. It's a step in the right direction.)
22.  Purchase a va-va-voom dress
23.  Purchase a safe for important documents
24.  Avoid Facebook for one week 2/2014
25.  Don’t watch TV for one week 10/2013
26.  Avoid processed foods for four weeks (2/4) (The whole 30 nearly killed my family. We decided a whole family was better.)
27.  Avoid negative language one week (It's a constant struggle. Especially with the voice I speak to myself with.)
28.  Make own fruit leather 7/2014
29.  Can spaghetti sauce (This works better when you have space to can something. I did can applesauce and apple pie filling. That should count.)
30.  Make taiyaki 8/2014
31.  Letter each week (70/142) (I write my BIL on his mission almost every week. That should count. Even if it is an email.)
32.  Day of service
33.  Declutter email inbox 5/2013
34.  Cook for Anna Maria 10/2013
35.  Condense teaching boxes  9/2013
36.  Menu plan for 5 months (5/5)
37.  Give blood (I hate needles and you can't give blood when you are pregnant or nursing.... Which kind of eliminates me.)
38.  Wear perfume everyday for a month 7/2014
39.  Dress to shoes every morning for a month 2/2014
40.  Save each month (33/33)
41.  Blog every week (40/142) (Turns out I am a terrible blogger, but still a great person and wonderful mom. Oh well.)
42.  Seventy new recipes (70/70)
43.  Volunteer/serve weekly (142/142)
44.  Christmas cards
45.  Contact an extended family member every month (33/33)
46.  Index 1000 names  (5/100) (This is something I need to get better at, but I'd much rather do something fun. Like read.)
47.  100 names in the temple (13/100) (I need to attend the temple more, it is very hard when you live so far away and have small children. I know. Excuses, excuses.)
48.  3 Family names in the temple (1/3) 
49.  Write a letter of gratitude to 30 people (30/30) Watch This
50.  Read standard works (1/5) (If preparing primary lessons counted toward this I would be a lot further along. Turns out I like to read for fun.)
51.  Read ten classics (9/10) (Catcher in the Rye, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Around the World in 80 days, Great Gatsby, Railroad Children, A Room of One's Own, The Diary of Adam and Eve, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Crucible)
52.  Read 100 books a year (324/300) (2013 - 74) (2014 - 150) (2015 - 100)
53.  Read aloud to K 15 minutes 5x a week for 3 months (3/3) 1/2014
54.  Share a good book with a friend four times (4/4) 10/2013
55.  Host a themed party six times (6/6) 
56.  One social event each week (132/142) (I'm pretty sure I did this and just lost count.)
57.  Skydiving (One day when I am not nursing or pregnant and have a will, I will do this.)
58.  Finish Starcraft (I go through phases where I really like a certain game. Recently that game has been Minecraft or Mario.)
59.  Date night idea jar 7/2014
60.  Book of games (This sounds like a great idea. It is really hard to find time to put in all down in writing.)
61.  Record ratings/reviews of games
62.  Decorate Kaden's 1st cake (My family likes cookies more than cake. So weird.)
63.  Win a game of Catan (I hate this game and we don't own it.)
64.  Concert/Show with S  1/2015 
65.  Complete an eight week running challenge  2/2014
66.  Run a 9 minute mile (One day!)
67.  Run a 5 k (Feb 22, 2014)
68.  Run a half marathon (After baby 3)
69.  Go up 2 Nike + levels (525/621 miles) (I'm getting closer. Some day soon.)
70.  Do 50 push-ups without stopping (3/50)
71.  1 month of ab exercises daily (LOL)
72.  Ride bike up hill without stopping  2/2014
73.  40 mile bike ride (11/40) (This might work better when we are not in a 3rd floor walk up.)
74.  5 new foods (0/5) (Mango, Rabbit, Parsnip, Acorn Squash, Butternut Squash) 10/2013
75.  Exercise 4x a week for 30 minutes for 3 months (3/3) 
76.  In bed by 10:30, 12 on weekends for one month (0/1) (My husband is a chronic night owl. He has broken me forever.)
77.  Spend 30 minutes outside daily for a month 
78.  Focus on improving my posture  for a month (Do pregnancy stretches count toward this...)
79.  Grandma's Blanket finished (Need to get the pieces from my mother.)
80.  Quillo for S (Need to unbox the sewing maching.)
81.  Family Tree (Slow progress.)
82.  Family Cookbook of favorite recipes (46/40)
83.  Garden with more than 5 plants (3/5) (I'm going to get a backyard one day.
84.  Start K’s journal (Blogging counts and so do weekly emails. We also have an awesome photo stream for friends and family.)
85.  Record family experiences when we met, the proposal, K's birth, blessing, etc. (Need to do this.)
86.  Complete 72 hour kit (Sigh)
87.  Create a jaw dropping cake 
88.  Make a big mess while making memories  8/2013
89.  Create and market 9 new resources (Maybe one day.)
90.  Start a mothers group 10/2013
91.  Write a new 99 list (Nope. Never again.)
92.  Visit Washington, DC
93.  Visit Japan with K
94.  Go on a cruise  7/2014
95.  Visit Hawaii 3 times (3/3)
96.  Visit 20 temples (5/20) (Sacramento,  LA, Oakland, Fresno, Payson, Salt Lake) (I'd love to expand this list.)
97.  Take two weekend trips without kids (0/2) (Soon.)
98.  Take S to Six Flags 
99.  Visit 4 national parks (3/4) Glacier Bay, AK 7/2014, Redwood National 2x (Yosemite here I come!)
Days left 0

Aug 15, 2014


Since living in Japan for a couple of years I have been craving taiyaki.  It's also been on my 99 goal list.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'm going to let you in on a simple secret.  Taiyaki are fish shaped waffles with delicious fillings.  My favorite is an (a sweet bean paste.)  But my husband's new favorite is Nutella and banana.

We got a great recipe online here. You can get your own pan online here

Look at how delicious they turned out:

We will definitely be making these again. Some of our favorite fillings are chocolate pudding, Nutella and banana, an, and cookie butter. Mmm. We need to make them again soon.

Jun 28, 2014

Fruit Leather - Apricot

This last week apricots went on sale at my favorite produce market.  I bought close to two pounds and waited impatiently for them to ripen.  Once they did I pulled out my dehydrator for the first time.  I've had it for a while.  But using it just seemed so scary I kept putting it off.  After my first experience I can't wait to try using it again.  My husband is requesting jerky.  So I guess that is next on my list of things to try.

Apricot Fruit Leather

  • Wash 2 lb. of apricots
  • Remove pits, slice into quarters, throw in blender
  • Add a dash of lemon juice
  • Blend until smooth
  • Pour mixture into two fruit leather sleeves in your dehydrator
  • Cook on 135* for 5-8 hours
  • Remove from dehydrator when there are no wet or sticky spots
  • Place on wax paper
  • Roll up and cut with kitchen shears
  • Store in an airtight container
  • Enjoy

I can't wait for more fruit to go on sale so I can try different combinations. My house smelled amazing all day long.  I was in heaven.  Next time I might try some pineapple or banana.  My leather took close to 8 hours, but I poured one batch slightly fuller than the other.  My son loved when I cut him off small pieces and my husband ate a whole roll by himself. 

 One more goal off my list.  I need to step it up if I want to finish all 99 before February 25, 2016.  Next up is goal 94.  I'm so excited to go on a cruise.  You can check out why I'm working on 99 goals and my progress here.

Feb 18, 2014

Balancing in Fitness

Part of my goal of being a balanced wife includes adding in some much needed fitness.  Now that my baby is a bit bigger and no longer nursing I feel I can go forward with a little bit more enthusiasm.  I've signed up for two 5K's in the next 3 months.  Because shelling out money for two events might just give me the push I need. Plus I've recruited some friends to run with me.

Now it's time to start training.  I've been using two apps to help me in my journey. The first is well known to runners everywhere. Nike + has been great for encouraging me to run more often. It gives me stats, lets me race friends to a common goal, and gives me a basic guideline to train for a 5K. But it doesn't let me adjust the schedule or give me running/walking intervals.

That's why I use C25K too. It gives you a flexible schedule, running/walking intervals, and it's also free. I start with a 5 minute warm up, run/walk for 20 min, and then cool down for 5 minutes. All it takes is a 30 minute session 3 times a week. The best part? I can run Nike + at the same time to log my speed and distance.

As I run more often, I can run longer, faster, and stronger.  I'm loving how great I feel. Do you have a favorite app?

What else do you do to stay in shape?  This weekend I went on a 20 mile bike ride. I rode up two big hills and lived!  I complained all the way up the hill, but Mr. WB kept cheering me on.  I was so proud of myself.  My efforts to exercise are paying off! Here's a picture from the top of the hill. It was a great day to ride!

Feb 13, 2014

Tracking Goals

Tracking goals can be difficult.  Especially since I'm trying to accomplish 99 goals in 999 days.  I've tried several different types of goal trackers in an attempt to manage all mine.  When I look for a goal manager I want something social, easy to use, cheap, and encouraging. That's why I love Lift - Daily Motivation. It manages to accomplish all four of my requirements. 

Lift can be used with friends or used privately. Sometime not everyone needs to know how much time I spent cleaning. ;) But I do love to get positive reinforcement on crossing things off my list. That little rush is so addicting.

Lift is a breeze to use as well. You can quickly check off your daily goals, add new ones, and delete goals you are finished with. I am a sucker for checklists. So I love being able to check off a goal as soon as I complete it for the day. 

I also love that Lift has several challenge goals with added support. This month I'm trying the 30 Day plank challenge.  It has different steps to help you through each day.

Lift is also FREE. Which is one of my favorite words. You can check it out here.

I love the daily lift when I accomplish my goals. I love to see my stats and  work hard to check into my goal 21 times so that I cross it off and move on to the next goal.

Do any of you use Lift? Do you have something else you like more?

Lift didn't ask me to blog about their app. I just really enjoy using it and thought I would share. ;) All opinions are my own.