Aug 2, 2012

August Holidays

I love finding out National Holidays and celebrating them. It gives each day a special feeling and focus. August hosts several important holidays.

The first seven days (August 1-7) are National Clown Week and National Breast Feeding Week. I'm not quite sure why those are grouped together. But today in order to celebrate I ordered a new nursing cover from Udder Covers for just $12. When you enter in the code FREE you can pick the style of your choice and only have to pay the $12 in shipping. Since baby boy is coming in less than 99 days I snapped one up for myself.
I also went online and found a cute picture of a clown. Growing up my dad made the choice to show his four children the movie, Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Between that and reading Stephen King's It as a teenager I have never really liked clowns or cotton candy. My dad loves to find pictures of creepy clowns and share them with me. Luckily for you I had a hard time finding some of the best ones. So you get this cute clown instead.

The second week of August is dedicated to smiles. 
The third week of August is dedicated to friendship.
And the fourth week is my birthday week
I plan to do something special for each of these weeks so stay tuned.

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