Sep 14, 2012

Shopping Online with Ebates

Remember how I confessed my hatred of bacon? Well that is just the start of my weird confessions. I imagine by the time I finish writing this blog, I will have no secrets left. I also hate shopping. I know. A woman who hates to shop.

I could never be this girl. The one who shops every day. My husband gets excited when he can get me to go mall crawling/window shopping for more than an hour. If I get something for myself he is ecstatic. Seriously. My husband loves to shop. Especially when it comes to electronics. This is one of his favorite stores to shop. He was counting down the days until the 12th and made me stay up late so he could order the new iPhone 5. Love that man. But must we check Mac Rumors before going to bed every night? I just don't get it.

I hate to shop! But I have a couple of exceptions. They are groceries, books, and shopping for another person. I know, I am unique. But there is something about having food on your shelves, a book in your hand, and the knowledge that you are going to bring a smile to someone else's face. I love it.

Source: via Madison on Pinterest

Today I did something unusual. I went shopping online. I have to say I almost liked it. And I bought something for myself without being prompted, goaded or bullied into it. The reason?

Ebates. They are so sneaky. They send me emails every couple of days with great deals. And every once in a while they get me. But boy, am I a hard sell. Today they got me with a 20% off coupon to a store I knew I had a giftcard for in my wallet. This store also happened to be having a sale of their own. So I got almost $60 worth for $5 from my budget. I told you I am a hard sell. And the best part? I'm getting back 2% of what I bought. Satisfied smile :D If only shipping and handling wasn't so expensive. :(

Ebates is an online website. You join for free. If you do a lot of shopping online (Ahem. Dad!) then you should probably check it out. What happens is before you log on to the site you usually shop at, you log into Ebates. Then you find the shop on one of their lists. You click on the shop name and it takes you directly to the shop's site. Boom. You do your normal shopping and Ebates will save some of the money you spent (usually 1-6%) and give it back to you. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You just saved some money. Sometimes Ebates will even tell you coupon codes to help you save money or get you free shipping. Isn't that nice?

Ebates is a free way of helping you save a little bit of money doing your normal online shopping. As the holidays loom closer and closer, do yourself a favor and check it out. It all adds up and then you have a little extra spending money.

I like Ebates and try to remember to use it every time I shop online. I don't make a ton of money back, but I love getting checks from them in the mail.

P.S. Once you get started you can even get money from Ebates for sharing the good news with your friends. Share the love and get more money to shop. A win win situation.

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