Sep 10, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan - 9/10

This Week's Menu Plan

Monday: Leftover Funeral Potatoes

This last weekend we went and visited my family. My mom knows how much I love her potatoes so she sent me home with two full containers. We are slowly making our way through one container and placed the other in the freezer for a lazy day. I tried to find the recipe online, but everyone has a different interpretation and I like ours best. Look for a recipe soon. 

Tuesday: Spaghetti with sausage
One day I will learn how to make my own spaghetti sauce. Until then I will stick with the stuff they sell at the store. It was on sale, and we haven't had spaghetti in ages.

Wednesday: Taco Rice
One of my husband's favorite meals. He could probably eat it once a week. We brown hamburger meat and add taco seasoning. Then we place that meat on a bed of rice. Finally we pile on the toppings. Lettuce, cheese, salsa, and the secret ingredient, crushed Taco flavored Doritos Chips. The real reason we are having Taco Rice? Avocados are on sale and I want some of my husband's delicious guacamole. Mmmmm.

Thursday: Breakfast Potatoes and Eggs
A couple of weeks ago I posted I was going to make this recipe. I haven't yet. So in an effort to try to replicate a recipe by the Best Bites crew I am placing it on the menu again. :)

Friday: Eat Out
Mr. WB is signed up to run a race this weekend. Which means meal times will be rough. So we are eating out. 

Saturday: Stew
I love easy dinners. And this stew is perfect because you throw all the ingredients in and walk away. Best idea ever. 

Sunday: Two Timing Pasta
I really love this recipe. I also love the fact that it makes a lot of food. Perfect for inviting over one of the couples from church so we can get to know them better. (I'm waiting on one of my girlfriends to send me the recipe so you get detailed measurements. Another recipe worth adding to your rotation.)

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