Sep 4, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan - 9/3

This Week's Menu Plan

Monday: Family Dinner

Mr. WB was in high heaven with all you can eat crab. He loves holidays! :) I need to get him his own crab cracker so I can cook some at home for special occasions.

Tuesday: Chicken, veggies, orzo, and salad
I recently learned about orzo and I have fallen in love. It adds a different element to our normal dinner rotation. I like to cook the chicken in a little bit of butter with italian seasoning. I switch up the vegetables I cook with it. Usually it contains carrots and onions.

Wednesday: French Toast, OJ
Using up extra bread, milk, and eggs in a delicious dinner. I can't wait. Recently pregnant cravings seem to be more sugar based. Last week, my husband asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said syrup. No joke. We had leige waffles. I need to learn how to make these myself. Step one: buying Belgium Pearl Sugar. Mmmm. Sugar.

Thursday: Chicken Tacos
Defrosting leftover chicken taco meat from the freezer. Adding cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh tortillas for an easy and healthy dinner. I need to share this recipe with you. Hopefully it gets done this week. :)

Friday: Chili and rice
Keeping it simple.

Saturday: Eat Out

Sunday: OYO Leftovers

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