Sep 24, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan - 9/24

Last week's favorite meal was Eggies in a Basket. My husband made the Eggies and I finally made the breakfast potatoes I have been meaning to make for the last couple of weeks. 

I used tabasco sauce for the first time, and realized it is not like catsup. When they say 10 dashes they mean exactly that. Do not go crazy like me and double the amount. It still tastes ok but it makes your nose and eyes water. Which is probably not what the Best Bites Ladies were intending. Next time we might halve the ingredients too. We had way to much food for 2 people. :)

This Week's Menu Plan

Monday: Curry Rice

I love curry. Last week we bought a new 20 lb. bag of rice. The checker at the grocery store thought it was massive. Ha! In Japan we ate rice ever day. Here I am lucky if I can squeeze it in twice a week. I am so excited!

Tuesday: Chicken Casserole - Brocoli, Chicken, Stuffing, and Cheese
Sounds familiar? That's because we didn't get to it last week. We had some crazy schedule changes. But we did get to see Here Comes the Boom for free, so I can't complain very much. I'm not a Kevin James fan, but I liked it a lot and recommend it.

Wednesday: Leftover Buffet
I'm really excited. Mr. WB and I are going to go see Owl City in concert. I am in love with their new album, The Midsummer Station.

Thursday: White Bean Chicken Chili with Corn Bread
We hope to have some new friends over for dinner. This soup is super easy to make and tastes delicious!

Friday: Stew
This may change depending on what Mr. WB plans for date night.

Saturday: OYO
I have plans to attend a women's conference. So Mr. WB will be on his own. He might have leftovers, pizza bites, or Mac N Cheese. 

Sunday: Two Timin' Pasta
Another recipe I have been meaning to make that hasn't quite made it to the table. Maybe this weekend?

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