Jun 15, 2013


I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite party games. It's called Suspend and it is made by the company Melissa and Doug so you know that it is a quality product. This game was given to me by my brother and we play it at least once a month. It reminds me of a mixture of pick up sticks and Jenga.

Suspend is usually our starter game at game nights. It's easy to explain, quick, and a lot of fun.

Players: 2-8 (When we play with 8 people we place two people on each team. They must alternate turns rolling and placing a piece.)

Motive: Be the first one to place all of your pieces.

Rules: Each player is given one of each color rod. On their turn they roll the colored dice to place a piece. They can only use one hand. If any of the pieces fall they are placed into your pile. No rod can touch the ground or rest in the same notch as another rod. If the player rolls a color they do not have, they must use another player's piece. If there are no more rods of that color to place you must skip that turn. If your or someone else places your last piece you win!

This game is a lot of fun. Especially when people try to do some of the challenge moves located in the rules pack. My husband loves to balance the rods very precariously. I try not to be after him, but inevitably knock some of the pieces off. 

This game earns 10/10 stars in my book. 

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