Jul 16, 2013

99 in 999 Days Update 1

I've been working on my list of 99 goals in 999 days slowly. You can read the whole list here.

Almost done:

  • Goal 69: Finish two Nike Plus Color Levels. My biggest accomplishment so far is finishing my first Nike plus color level. I've walked over 155 miles. Only 466 more to go. I realize that is a lot. But if I walk a mile every other day I can totally accomplish Goal 69 in the remaining time. If I actually took up running that would be fixed a lot faster. (See goals 65-68.)

Reoccurring goals:

  • Goal 31: A letter each week. It appears I need to go and buy some more stamps. All I have left are some 37 cent stamps. Not going to cut it. I think Missy is next on my list.
  • Goal 33: Decluttering my email is a work in progress. I try to unsubscribe from one thing each week.
  • Goal 40: Saving each month is plugging along too. I'm trying to save all of my TpT earnings.
  • Goal 41: Blog each week. A rough goal. I tend to blog all at once. I need to do better.
  • Goal 42: A new recipe every other week. Traveling has made this difficult. Time to get it together.
  • Goal 43: Serve weekly. I am doing my best.
  • Goal 45: Extended family member contacted. I saw a lot of extended family on my last road trip. Baby K's great aunts and uncles love him.
  • Goal 49: Letters of grattitude. Father's day cards count. I'm moving forward.
  • Goal 52: Read 300 books. I've read 15. And book club just came out with the new list. I'm excited.
  • Goal 54: I got Mr. WB's brother to take a book home with him after his visit. I was thrilled.
  • Goal 56: Being social. Mr. WB and I just went and visited The Mysterious Room in Little Tokyo. It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back.

Still a lot of things to tackle. I've already used up 44 days. Next on the list is goals 20, 35, and 84. Space bags, condensing teacher supplies, and K's journal.

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