Aug 27, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan - 8/27

Last week our favorite dish by far was Lion House's Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup
Mr. WB and I both went back for seconds!

I cannot wait to break the leftovers out on a day when I don't feel like making dinner. I totally took a page from all the tips I read on Pinterest and tried freezing my leftovers. The most delicious looking hockey pucks I have ever seen. :) Just make sure you spray the pans down before you ladle the soup in so everything pops out in one piece.

This Week's Menu Plan

Monday: Mr. WB has it covered 

Can I tell you I have the best husband in the world? Because I totally do. Today he made me breakfast in bed, took me out to Indian food for lunch, and volunteered to make dinner. You know you are jealous. I love my man! 

Tuesday: Mom's Potato Corn Chowder 
Look for a recipe later in the week. It is one of my favorite meals to make. I plan to freeze the leftovers just like I did for the extra soup. Got to get ready for the baby! One frozen dinner at a time.

Wednesday: Mac N Cheese, green beans, and polska kielbasa
This time I am totally caving and making it right out of the box. Last week's recipe was not my favorite and needs some tweaking. I've discovered I don't like nutmeg in my Mac N Cheese. Must be the revolutionary in me. :)

Thursday: Chicken melts with salad
Keeping it simple and using up some of the delicious garlic bread we bought.

Friday: Italian chicken, rice, and steamed corn
Easy and healthy. Count me in. (Yes, I am aware corn is a starch.)

Saturday: Tri-Tip at The Dog House Grill
My husband begins drooling just hearing the name.

Sunday: Visiting family

Want to find more ideas for a weekly menu plan?

Visit the orgjunkie or just click on the picture below.

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