Sep 29, 2012

Let's all go to the movies!

I love going on dates with my man, but I hate when it costs an arm and a leg to do so. Let's face it, I am not a graceful person. Taking one of my arms and my legs is sure not to help this problem. Trust me, I'm already struggling with this bump that has taken place around my middle section. I can't tell you the number of things/people I have bumped into this last week.

Luckily I learned about Gofobo on one of the deal sites I follow. So I can keep my arms and my legs intact and use them when we need to pay for gas. Because of Gofobo last week we not only got to go see a movie for free, we got to see a movie that doesn't even come out until next month. Score! I got double bonus points because it was one that my husband was really excited about, Here Comes the Boom.

Signing up and using gofobo is a piece of cake. You go to their website and find this little helper in the upper left corner.  Enter in your zipcode, and just a little to the right there is a tab for screenings. Click search/the screening tab to see what movies are showing your area. (You probably should sign up for a gofobo account to get accurate data. I personally use my e-mail because I think facebook gives way to much information to people.)

Under the screenings tab you should see a couple of movies listed. They will tell you the time and the place. They will also tell you if there are any tickets available. You are looking for the little green box that says "open screening." Click on that, enter in your account info and see if there are any available passes left. Sometimes even though it says "open screening" there are no spaces.

If there are (do a little happy dance) and tell them how many tickets you want. (1-2) Gofobo will then send your tickets to the email you registered with. Print them out and take them to the address listed. Try to be at least 30 minutes early because they give out more tickets than they actually have seats. I like to bring a book. Be aware they will take your cellphone (or any recording device on your person) and give it back to you at the end of the movie.

Enjoy the movie. Fill out the small survey they send to your e-mail and check the website often to find tickets to new shows. Tada! A new cheap date idea to add to your list. Check gofobo out and let me know what movie you get to see.

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