Oct 3, 2012

Weekly Planner and Goals

I love lists and organization. I'm more than a little OCD. But I have a hard time finding the perfect planner for my life. Here are some of the options I have run across in my recent attempts at organizing my days.

Week at a Glance by Amy Bayliss

Daily Goals by I Heart Organizing

 Peek at the Week by I Heart Organizing

Daily To Do by Life Your Way

The Weekly Planner by The Peaceful Mom

The Daily Planner by The Peaceful Mom

The Weekly Goal Planner by The Peaceful Mom

Today I Shall by 20 Minute Mom

Daily Routine by Ever Changing Mom

I find that there are elements in each planner that I love. I love the style of one, the comprehensiveness of another, and the emphasis on the future in yet another. I decided that since I loved different parts of each planner I would stop and create one of my own. Please feel free to download your own copy or visit one of the lovely ladies listed above. 

For more great home organization printables visit here and here.

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