Oct 6, 2012


So a while back I was reading one of the deal sites that I follow when I heard of Viggle. At the time I didn't have cable so I pinned it to my finance board and continued to live my merry life.
Well after moving, unpacking, and getting settled in guess who got cable for the first time in over 5 years? That's right! Me! I'm not sure we will keep it once our six month trial runs up since Comcast is notorious for getting you to sign for a sweet deal and then hiking up the price. Until then I am enjoying the food network and being able to watch the Olympics was pretty sweet.

Back to Viggle. First off you have to love it because of it's name. It sounds like wiggle. Which makes me giggle. :) But then you fall in love with the fact that it is rewarding you for being a bum or if you are a little bit more productive than me, a multi-tasker. Basically the app rewards you for checking into shows on TV. So when I am watching Rachel Ray while folding the laundry I pull the app up on my phone and check in. At the end of the show I get Viggle points. 

Eventually those points add up to giftcards or coupons. It does take a long time if you only watch a couple of shows a week. (The points needed to redeem rewards keeps climbing as well.) But getting free giftcards for something you are already doing? I'm in. I am all over ways to creatively pad my budget.

As far as I know you can use it with DVR too. Which I think is fantastic. If you check the app daily there are certain shows you can watch to earn bonuses. Sometimes these are actually shows I watch, so it's a win win. Sometimes they have interactive trivia games you can play while watching a live event. When the Olympics were on Mr. WB and I both got a bunch of points for answering questions.

If you spend some time watching TV you might want to check this app out.

If you sign up using  one of the links I posted I get a couple of extra bonus points. Thank you in advance for your support.  

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